Duncan Tooley Artist,Mind Trainer, Medical Hypnotist


I am an eternal, non-material spirit on an earth-walk with a body to have fun through co-creating and teaching.

■ I teach how to end pain & dis-ease, and to create comfort & wellness. ► PAIN RELIEF

■ I teach how to BE, DO, & HAVE whatever you choose in life. ► MIND TRAINING

■ I author books and mind-adjusting products to support others in their pursuit of joy. ► STORE

■ I co-create art with guidance of Pablo Picasso, Leonardo daVinci, & others. ► ART STUDIO

■ I collaborate to bring joy, art, and wellness to those open to receive. ► COLLABORATE


“First seek JOY, and all else follows.”

-Abraham, my spiritual mentor

Teaching mind training to achieve everything you desire is my joy!

After healing myself through the power of self-hypnosis, I learned how the mind (conscious, subconscious, & superconscious) work much like a computer. …………..studied how the mind works, the power of language, and the art and science of hypnosis. I spread joy as a proficient certified clinical hypnotherapist as I assist hundreds of clients who desire to change some aspect of their life. Pain relief, medical issues, and Law of Attraction coaching are among my specialitites.

♥ Marvel at the list of medical issues that hypnosis benefits, and debunk the hypnosis myths at: www.DuncanTooleyHypnosis.com.

♥ Select from dozens of Do-It-Yourself mind-mastery hypnosis products at Store.DuncanTooley.com.

Teaching how to turn off nuisance pain is my joy!

  • In person training to turn off pain is quick, easy, and effective. Come for a pain-relief session (that you will most likely later call “magic” or “miraculous”). Teaching you how to turn off nuisance pain is my joy! www.PainHypnotist.com.
  • Learn self-help techniques to turn off nuisance pain yourself in my book: End Pain & Feel Great Again: Nineteen Proven Ways to Banish Pain Naturally, available now in my store in paperback ($17.97 with free shipping), or ebook EPUB or PDF formats ($5.97), or at Amazon for Kindle ($9.97).
  • Or use a single quick method: 60-Second Pain Turn Down book, available on Amazon in paperback and in my store in PDF format ($2.97)

Creating art as a professional artist is my joy!

I have been an artist all my life. After 25 years of professional stained glass projects, I now focus my energy into fractal and binary painting. See works available at: www.TooleyArtStudio.com

Collaborating in spreading the message is my joy!

Spreading the word about the power of your mind over your body and the attractive energy of your thoughts is my joy. I enjoy collaboration with other holistic mind-body practitioners in spreading the word about the power of healing we each possess.  How can we collaborate?

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