Duncan Tooley Artist,Mind Trainer, Medical Hypnotist


I am an eternal, non-material spirit on an earth-walk with a body to have fun through co-creating and teaching.

■ I teach how to end pain & dis-ease, and to create comfort & wellness. ► PAIN RELIEF

■ I teach how to BE, DO, & HAVE whatever you choose in life. ► MIND TRAINING

■ I author books and mind-adjusting products to support others in their pursuit of joy. ► STORE

■ I co-create art with guidance of Pablo Picasso, Leonardo daVinci, & others. ► ART STUDIO

■ I collaborate with Eva Margueriette to bring joy and art through European Art Retreat workshops. ► TUSCANY & PROVENCE


“First seek JOY, and all else follows.”

-Abraham, my spiritual mentor

Teaching mind training to achieve everything you desire is my joy!

After healing myself through the power of self-hypnosis, I learned how the mind (conscious, subconscious, & superconscious) work much like a computer. …………..studied how the mind works, the power of language, and the art and science of hypnosis. I spread joy as a proficient certified clinical hypnotherapist as I assist hundreds of clients who desire to change some aspect of their life. Pain relief, medical issues, and Law of Attraction coaching are among my specialties.

♥ Marvel at the list of medical issues that hypnosis benefits, and debunk the hypnosis myths at: www.DuncanTooleyHypnosis.com.

♥ Select from dozens of Do-It-Yourself mind-mastery hypnosis products at Store.DuncanTooley.com.

Teaching how to turn off nuisance pain is my joy!

  • In-person training to turn off pain is quick, easy, and effective. Come for a pain-relief session (that you will most likely later call “magic” or “miraculous”). Teaching you how to turn off nuisance pain is my joy! “http://www.duncantooleyhypnosis.com/chronic-pain-hypnosis/”
  • Learn self-help techniques to turn off nuisance pain yourself in my book: End Pain & Feel Great Again: Nineteen Proven Ways to Banish Pain Naturally, available at Amazon.
  • Or use a single quick method: 60-Second Pain Turn Down book, available on Amazon in paperback and in my store in PDF format.

Creating art as a professional artist is my joy!

I have been an artist all my life. After 25 years of professional stained glass projects, I now focus my energy on fractal and binary painting. See works available at: www.TooleyArtStudio.com

Co-hosting European Art Retreat Workshops with Eva Margueriette is my joy!

Now that I have found and married my artistic soulmate who has conducted European painting adventures for many years, I find my joy in collaborating with her in co-hosting these events spreading the joy of painting and exploring Europe with others.  More information about the next retreat.

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