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Life’s A Game
I remember carefully melting crayons into bottle caps in the third grade. That’s how the boys in the Bronx Parkchester apartment project made the playing pieces for the game of Skelly, a game similar to billiards with the play table marked with chalk on the playground asphalt. I spent many fun hours with my friends building the skill to flick my bottlecap into the “pockets” and knock other pieces out of the way.

I’ve played lots of fun games over my seventy-plus years since then. They were so much fun because it’s how life is meant to be. We are made to have fun in the GAME of Life. Life itself is a vast multi-player game designed for great fun, pleasure, and joy.


To have fun means to discover, explore, and learn by experience. Pleasure in the Game comes from the freedom to choose, pursue, and create things I like. Joy comes from the opportunity to experience beauty, love, and return another’s love.

Game of Life missing instructions

Game of Life Instructions
For my first seven decades, I thought it unfair that life came without a set of instructions. My years have been filled with emotions, predominantly fun and happiness, but also serious searching for the cause and meaning behind the experiences I didn’t like so much. Now that I understand life’s structure better, I’m having more fun and getting beyond the bumps along the way more easily and quickly.

We get to sample whatever we desire and learn from each experience. We can build personal stamina and clarity as we cut our own path through Life’s jungle without the aid of a road, trail, or map.

I believe I now have a grasp of the Game’s instructions. The light to understand my life experiences came from my inner guide, teachers, mentors, and inspirations. I now know I jumped into this lifetime at this time and place to have fun learning and doing the things I like. I hoped to reap a heap of joy and satisfaction in each interaction in the Game of Life. Through twists and turns, I’ve learned what works to keep me young and having fun.

Dear reader, I share these instructions that I originally prepared for my grandchildren in hopes they prove beneficial. You are already deep into a lifetime of all sorts of experiences you will seek to understand. I offer my perception of life’s structure and mechanisms as a lens to view your experiences so you can have all the fun, adventure, and joy you deserve as your birthright on planet Earth. I offer this playbook as my interpretation of how to play the Game of Life.

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