Dear Reader,

I am having so much fun playing at life that I want to share with you how I do it. I wrote these instructions as the guide I follow to play the Game of Life for all the fun, adventure, and joy that we all deserve as our birthright on planet Earth.

My wish for you is ever-increasing joy and fun as you play through life.

My love and blessings,



Life is a multi-player game designed for great fun, pleasure, and joy.

To have fun means to discover, to explore, and to learn by experience. Pleasure in the Game comes from the freedom to choose, to pursue, and to create things I like. Joy comes from the opportunity to experience beauty, love, and to return another’s love.

I jumped into this lifetime at this time and place to have fun learning and doing the things I like to reap a heap of joy and satisfaction in every interaction in the Game of Life.

These Playbook Instructions clarify the playing field, equipment, laws, and rules of Life’s Game that allow me to be, do, and have all the things I desire.


A game’s playing field is the environment in which the game is played. The game of football (called soccer in America, Canada, and Australia) is the world’s most popular sport. It requires a grassy field with a white pipe, net-covered goal at each end of the field.

The Game of Life is played by every soul on planet Earth. Although it is played everywhere, on all types of terrains, its defining characteristic is a field like an invisible web that permeates space and time delivering a limitless flow of energy to everything in existence via a spectrum of frequencies.

THE-FLOW, as I call this energy field, is as real as the invisible electromagnetic radiation permeating all space. It is the deliberately organized playing field of conscious energy, the field of abundance, life, and well-being that powers Life’s Game. THE-FLOW can also be called the Force, popularized by Star Wars sagas. It is also sometimes inaccurately labeled as Fate, Luck, or Karma.



A BALL, most often of black-and-white pentagon/hexagon facets, is the only equipment needed for the game of football (soccer).

Life’s Game uses ENERGY radiated from our marvelous complex of Body, Mind, and Spirit and from the universal field of consciousness, THE-FLOW.

Our BODY is an energy processor of trillions of specialized cells. Uncountable sensory neurons throughout the body send information about our internal and external environment to our brain. Billions of interconnected brain neurons send instructions to our organs, muscles, and other parts of our brain. The flow of electrochemical signals from neuron to neuron generates a detectable vibrating electrical aura radiating around us.

As a developing embryo in our mother’s womb, we were enlivened with life force energy. Doctors, scientists, philosophers, and theologians all attempt to explain this miraculous phenomenon.

I believe the correct explanation is an all-loving Divine consciousness chose to come to explore life on this planet by spinning off a part of themselves and taking on the clothing of a body to become the blended human that each one of us is.

Our SPIRIT part is that always-loving, never-judging, piece of Divine connected to all consciousness, always finding the easiest way for us to be happy and experience what we desire. I call this Divine particle that powers our body with life force and our mind with intuition and inspiration our Inner-Spirit.

Because our Inner-Spirit’s power is unlimited, we can heal our body of any discomfort and perform whatever miracles we choose to believe and expect. Our Inner-Spirit is the source of our talents, urgings, and inspirations.

Did you ever get a call from someone just as you were thinking about calling them? Or know when something happened to a friend or family member? Those were communications between our Inner-Spirits.

Our MIND is the elusive matrix that connects body and spirit into the unique personality we each are. Philosophers and neuroscientists speculate about consciousness and the subconscious mind. Some of our habits and body functions seem to be on autopilot, but through the power of our mind, we can exercise our free will and change our behaviors and outcomes.

Our life is a flow of thoughts that lead to emotions and actions that yield results. Each choice leads to more thoughts and more emotions that can keep us balanced, or can lead to a joyous spiral of UP emotions, or can lead to a whirlpool of DOWN emotions.

We each play Life’s Game primarily in our mind because that’s where we exercise the freedom to imagine, to keep a thought, or to change a thought, the essential actions in Life’s Gameplay.



Games are regulated by the laws of the play environment that affect every player. Football is affected by four physical laws: Law of Universal Gravity and Newton’s three Laws of Motion:

1) Objects remain at rest or move in a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force.

2) Force equals mass multiplied by acceleration.

3) For every action (force), there is an equal and opposite reaction. 

The speed and distance of a kicked ball are proportional to the kicking mass (kicker’s leg, foot, and shoe). The faster that mass hits the ball, the faster and farther it will go (Newton’s Second & Third laws). Air friction will cause the kicked ball to slow, and it will be pulled down to the ground. (Newton’s first law & Universal Gravity Law).

No soccer player has a choice about the application of these laws. They are a universal aspect of play because they are built into the mechanics of the game.

No matter the age, skill, team, or nationality, of a player, these four laws affect the player’s every kick, and that of every other player in the game.



Like the game of football, the Game of Life has four no-choice laws that apply to every player: The Laws of Bipolarity, Diversity, Expansion, and Attraction:



Every Topic has two closely related but distinct energies: the reality vibrating at one frequency and its (often abstract) absence vibrating at another frequency.

Humans invented words to talk of absence in the same way we talk about reality. For example, we speak of light and darkness. Light is a real thing; it is vibrating electromagnetic energy. It has real, measurable effects in plants, on skin, and on solar cells.

Darkness is the abstract concept absence of light. Darkness has no effects and cannot be measured because it is not a real or tangible thing. It is only an idea, an invented expression for an absence.

Similarly, we made night for the absence of daylight; poor for the absence of money; hunger for the absence of nourishment; naked for the absence of clothes; clean for the absence of dirt; homeless for the absence of shelter.

Both real substances and absence concepts have a vibrational energy, but the vibrational frequencies are different.

For example, the topic of money has two distinct vibrations: the thought of having plenty of money (the reality of it) generates a pleasant, high-frequency emotion, but the thought of not having enough money (the absence of it), naturally engenders unpleasant, low-frequency anxiety or fear.

I always feel better, which means I am playing Life’s Game better, when I choose to think of what I want and avoid thinking of anything that is an absence of what I want.



THE-FLOW of energy expands with infinite resources to meet the desires of every Game player.

There is no competition in the Game of Life because resources expand to supply all desires. Everyone has an equal chance to win by getting as much satisfaction, happiness, and material things as they choose by their thoughts. Nothing is reduced or diluted as more people join in the Game and tap into THE-FLOW energy field.

The imperative for expansion is built into every aspect of the universe. New galaxies are born and accelerate away from each other at increasing speed.

 Notice there is dramatically more stuff on earth than a century ago.

Where did the expansion of this stuff come from? THE-FLOW delivered these manifestations in answer to the desires, envisions, and expectations of people as they played Life’s Game by focusing on what they wanted.

When we imagine and desire, we tap into THE-FLOW. As the preparations begin for the delivery (manifestation) of our desires, the supply is replenished by the Law of Expansion’s unlimited resources.



Expansion causes change, variety, and diversity.

The Universe has a mandate of “More, different, forever!” that continues to evolve diversity around us. Our eyes can detect at least 200,000 colors; there are 17,500 species of butterflies; at least 4000 religions; thousands of shoe styles; dozens of skin colors; millions of different faces; hundreds of sauces; billions of unique finger whorls.

Although the words good and bad sometimes arise to describe diversity, the Game never uses these words. I found these words make more sense when I interpret them this way:

∙ Good means I prefer or desire it; I like it; I want it; I am happy with it.

Bad means I do not prefer or desire it; I don’t like it; I don’t want it; I am unhappy with it.

What I call good or bad may not be considered the same by others. That does not make either of us good or bad, right or wrong, or the things we evaluate as intrinsically good or bad.

Differences in size, shape, speech, race, customs, disposition, behavior, religion, politics, and food choices of individuals are all forms of diversity.

Variety is an essential aspect of the Game of Life for exploration, adventure, and expansion. Life would be dull without anything to attract or repulse. Absence of likes or dislikes would present no opportunity for freedom of choice.

I observe the diversity and affirm, “It’s all good! It’s all for my benefit, whether I like it or not, whether I want it or not! It’s all OK because it’s the way the Game of Life works.”



Thoughts attract more of similar energy.

We are vibrational beings, and the Law of Attraction works much like a radio tuner. Of the many frequencies of radio waves, the tuner brings only the station I tune my dial to. From the many frequencies of thought energy around us, the Law tunes only to the energy of what I think.

After a quarter minute of thought on a single topic, I begin to vibrate at the frequency of the thought and start to attract similar thoughts. THE-FLOW brings more of whatever energy I radiate. When I think, speak, or write about a subject, I am instructing the Law: “Go find and bring me more of similar energy.”

A minute of focused attention initiates the delivery of manifestation of the physical reality matching my vibration. Like a vehicle increases its momentum the longer it accelerates (Newton’s Laws of motion), my momentum accelerates the longer I focus on a thought (Law of Attraction).

The Law does not know or care whether I am thinking about what I want or thinking about its absence that I do not want. It just brings more of the same energy frequency as whatever I am thinking. Pushing against anything creates the effect of an energy boomerang. Thinking about or protesting things I don’t want causes them to show up in my life even more.

That’s why instead of protesting what I dislike, I ignore it, becoming instead an advocate, promoter, and energy radiator of what I do want.



In Life’s Game, we play directly with THE-FLOW energy field through our thoughts, imagination, and movement.

Although we are in a bath of energy vibrations, only those that match our frequency at any moment affect our Gameplay. THE-FLOW is creative in matching us with people, circumstances, and events that have frequencies matching ours, delivering them at just the right time. Its limitless resources provide whatever we vibrationally request by the energy we radiate as we play the Game.

People, circumstances, and events respond to the vibrating energy field of our thoughts and feelings radiating from us in all directions. Those whose frequency matches ours are summoned and amplified until they materialize as physical manifestations.

Our life is the flow of thoughts leading to emotions, leading to actions, yielding results. We play Life’s Game in our conscious mind because our decisions about what we think originate there. The primary Gameplay is deciding to keep or to change a thought. Each choice summons more thoughts that will keep us emotionally balanced, or lead to a spiral of joyous UP emotions, or to a whirlpool of unpleasant DOWN emotions.

Our vibrations affect all the cells in our body. Depending on their frequency, they can cause illness and pain, or they can turn pain off and heal illness. We are each already our own doctor-healer or poisoner through our choices for our mind’s focus on wellness or illness.

The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law affecting Game results. It uniformly delivers results so those who think about their wealth with confidence and expectancy get richer. Those who appreciate their blessings get even more. Those who imagine their ideal relationship find their perfect partner. Those who think they are poor or worry about their income get more poverty. Those who talk of their illness get more sickness. Those who worry about their safety become victims. Those who focus on appreciation, love, and joy are happy.

There are cosmic consequences to what we broadcast in our personal energy signature of thoughts, feelings, and expectations: What we think about, comes about.

The effect is like using a Global Positioning System (GPS). My GPS navigation device, usually a phone, continually emits a signal, a vibration, so satellites can know my location and show it on my device’s map.

I decide upon a destination and enter its address. From a database of road maps, my GPS program calculates multiple paths to my destination, recommends an optimized route with a blue line, and gives me detailed turn instructions.

As I proceed, my location is updated. If I go off the path, the GPS program recalculates a new route from my current position and sends new instructions.

The Laws of Life’s Game structure our play like navigating with a GPS for our desires. Our desires continuously emit attraction vibrations of thought energy.

Like a GPS, our Inner-Spirit accepts our desires as destinations, calculates the routes that include all destinations, and suggests the next moves along an optimized path to the manifestation of each desire. These suggestions come through impulses, thoughts, intuition, dreams, and physical promptings, such as a song lyric, a phrase from a book, a photo, a conversation, or even a pet’s actions.

My emotions continuously broadcast my position. High-frequency, good-feeling emotions signal I am on my optimal route, on the blue line. Low-frequency, unpleasant emotions signal I am off the route. Emotions are like the gas gauge in my car, neither good nor bad, but provide important information for my decision about what to do next, either to keep or to change my current thought.

If I get off my blue-line path and into the weeds, my Inner-Spirit GPS wizard calculates a revised routing to get me headed toward my destinations and sends me updated suggestions.

When my expanding life experiences generate changes to my destinations by adding new desires or amending existing ones, my Inner-Spirit revises my destination list and computes a new route optimized for my current position and readiness for the next destination. Like my phone GPS, each path adjustment is made easily, immediately, and blamelessly.


Our primary Gameplay is deciding to keep or change a thought. We control the adventure, satisfaction, and fun in our Game by managing our thoughts and emotion.

► Our BIRTHRIGHT as Life’s PLAYER: We are each worthy and deserving of all goods things THE-FLOW delivers, anything we desire to Be, Do, or Have.

► Our POWER as Life’s PLAYER: We each control the adventure, satisfaction, and fun in our Game by managing our thoughts.

► Our SUPERPOWER as Life’s PLAYER: Our wise, loving, powerful Coach constantly guides us from within.



Games have rules and referees to enforce them. While no player has any choice about laws, players are free to play by the rules or to violate them, to observe them or break them and bear the consequences enforced by the referee. In addition to the four laws, the Game of Life has two rules.



Accept and love yourself.

Your Inner-Spirit is a droplet of the Divine clothed in temporal flesh. The Divine is all love, all good, and so are you as a participant in the Divine. As such, you deserve everything the space-time world has to offer. You are worthy and deserving of health, wealth, companionship, freedom, all good things.

You get the freedom to choose to love yourself and accept the divine creature you are. If you put yourself down or think you are not good enough, you would be telling yourself an enormous lie. You are divine, without imperfection.

We all came to play Life’s Game. Bumps in the road, stumbles, and mistaken turns off our path are all learning experiences of normal Gameplay. Those do not negate our goodness and worthiness. My Inner-Spirit loves the human part of me, no matter what I do. That’s true for every Inner-Being.

The Game of Life referee is built into the Law of Attraction. If someone were to break the rule to love themself, they would emit low-frequency vibes attracting more low-frequency, unpleasant emotions back to themself. They would feel like they were in an emotional spiral downward. If they lingered there with similar thoughts, things they don’t like would start arriving because they don’t like themselves. They might even feel they deserved the unpleasant things happening to them, but that is never true.

No rule infraction has a permanent effect. A person can choose to recover from unloving thoughts by changing them. Once they trade self-loathing thoughts for self-acceptance, better-feeling emotions will arrive, an indicator of progress in getting back on the blue line of their path to their desired destinations.



The Golden Rule: Treat others as you want them to treat you.

The second rule depends on the first because it asks that we treat others with the same dignity, care, and attention that we have for ourselves. If I do not love and respect myself, it is impossible for me to spread any love and respect to anyone else.

Everyone has just as much right to play their Game the way they choose as I have to play mine the way I choose. The Law of Diversity means each person deserves the freedom and respect of being on their path even if it is different from mine. Many may be dramatically different. I must treat others as I want to be treated.

It’s good to check if I am playing by Life’s Game rules. Am I loving, respecting, and taking care of myself? When I am with other people, am I asking myself: “How would I like to be treated in this situation?”

If someone breaks either rule, the Law of Attraction will be the referee and work as it always does, delivering to each player things, people, and events of the same frequency matching what they radiate.

Those who radiate the energy of love and joy get the energy of love and joy coming back to them (Heaven-on-Earth). Those who radiate the energy of hate get the energy of hate coming back to them (Hell-on-Earth). Those who do not love themselves and treat their neighbor without love will get the boomerang absence of love back.

Reward and penalty are automatic and guaranteed because they are built into Life’s Game.

The popular motto confirms the obvious Game result: What goes around, comes around!



There is no competition in Life’s Game because: 1)Each player has sole control of their gameplay; 2)The Law of Expansion increases the supply of resources to meet each player’s expansion; 3)Everyone can win the satisfaction, fun, and joy they choose without affecting other players. No external public score is needed.

Each player scores as much joy, satisfaction, and fun as they allow. Each player supports their team members by the observance of the Golden Rule. They give the freedom, love, and support they desire for themselves to every other player, thereby allowing each player to determine their unique personal score.

Emotions are our body’s energetic responses to our thoughts. Our nervous system triggers the release of chemicals that affect our cells and create a sensation of feeling. Our emotion at any instant is like the indicator of our location on a GPS device.

Because the vibration frequency of our emotions indicates if we are on the path to our destination (the blue line) or how far off the path we are, our emotions provide us with an instantaneous personal Game score.

High-frequency emotions mean we are moving smoothly along our path. When we feel good, we are allowing the good to flow to us. When we maintain that high-frequency state, we experience the happy life we chose when we came.

Lower frequency emotions indicate I am off my path. As long as I remain feeling poorly, thinking the same thoughts, manifestations matching those feelings will be on the way to me.

The following chart adapted from ABRAHAM-HICKS is a scale of emotions ranked by frequency with the highest frequency at the top and the lowest at the bottom:



7 Joy, Love, Freedom, Knowledge,

    Appreciation, Empowerment

6 Passion

5 Enthusiasm, Eagerness, Happiness

4 Positive Expectation, Belief

3 Optimism

2 Hopefulness

1 Contentment, Satisfaction, Replenishment

0 —Release-Trust-Let-go––boundary—

– 1 Boredom, Stagnation, Stuck

– 2 Pessimism 

– 3 Frustration, Irritation, Impatience

– 4 Overwhelmed

– 5 Disappointed, Dissatisfied

– 6 Doubt 

– 7 Worry, Anxiety

– 8 Blame

– 9 Discouragement

– 10 Anger

– 11 Revenge, Judgment, Righteousness

– 12 Hatred, Rage

– 13 Jealousy

– 14 Insecurity, Guilt, Unworthiness

– 15 Fear, Depression, Powerlessness,

         Grief, Despair, Helplessness

Imagine the emotional scale as a profile of an urban apartment building with level zero as the ground floor at street level. The better-feeling emotions are on the upper, positive-numbered levels. They have windows that let in the sunshine and signal being on the route to things desired. The level seven penthouse is especially nice.

Being on a low-frequency, negative-numbered basement level means being off the path and attracting unwanted things. The deeper the level, the further off and more stairs to climb to get back up to the daylight.

Emotions are indicators that tell where we are so we can decide what to do next. It is normal Gameplay to find oneself on occasion in the basement, off our path. We get back on our path by replacing the thoughts that caused the emotions with thoughts that stimulate better-feeling emotions. We can quickly climb back up to thoughts that trigger good-feeling emotions.



Earthly death is not an ending. Regardless of how each of us plays the Game, we will certainly end this lifetime, shed our body, and leave behind everything associated with the body, like age, illness, and pain.

We came to enjoy playing the Game and play is what we will have done with our every breath and thought, creating our earthly heaven or hell. We will have played the Game with every choice we made, as best we were able at the time. By doing so, we will have contributed to the expansion of the universe by desiring, creating, and contributing what did not previously exist.

We won’t be judged, punished, or rewarded for anything we did. As we played our role in the Game, the built-in Game Laws ensured that we received our appropriate compensation during our Earth lifetime. If we broke the rules, we didn’t get as much enjoyment as we could have; it wasn’t as much fun. There was probably more pain and suffering, but it was our choices that caused it.

If we observed the Rules, we found happiness and the love of others. We made a significant contribution to the expansion of good and raised the aggregate vibration frequency of mankind. We fulfilled our purpose in incarnating.

We certainly will NOT be sent to a non-existent Hell or Purgatory. Our Inner-Spirit non-physical piece of the Divine will continue as unchanged pure positive spirit energy for eternity. We will connect in a glorious way with all our supporting angels, family, friends, and mentors while still taking an active role in assisting and inspiring those still alive on Earth.

We might choose to play the Game again in another Earth trip, or perhaps in some other civilization.



After the end of a game, the legacies remain: the final score, the photographs, the trophies, perhaps a successful new play, and the memories of special moments. Together these form education and encouragement for current and future players.

It is the same for Life’s Game. We will want to pass to our children and grandchildren the life lessons we learned, and the tips and tricks that we found useful for our successful Gameplay. For our future progeny, we each have our unique legacy handed down from prior generations plus the legacy that we are forming right now as we play Life’s Game.

As you read this, you also benefit from the legacy of life handed down through this book from everyone who preceded me and those who contributed to my experiences in this lifetime.


When I thought my writing was complete, my Inner-Spirit told me to add a chapter for his personal message to each reader:

“Pay attention to the inner thoughts and urgings you call intuition. It is your Inner-Spirit, forever loving you, desiring your happiness above all else, and prompting you like a GPS to the easiest path for all the things you desire from this lifetime.

“Ask your Inner-Spirit personal coach for a name and daily coaching advice for Life’s Game.”

                                   — Soaring Eagle





Duncan Tooley is a hypnotherapist, mind-trainer, and author of two books, 60-Second Pain Relief and End Pain & Feel Great Again.

His quest to uncover the rules of life’s game led him beyond his roots as a Skelly-player on Bronx asphalt to monk, physics teacher, computer engineer, and stained-glass artist. This book results from his desire to share with his children, grandchildren, and seekers of all ages what he learned about how to play Life’s Game.

He plays and writes with author-artist Eva Margueriette in their studio on the ocean near Los Angeles. Skill-building shortcuts (hacks) to Life’s Playbook are in the works for his next book.






No matter how an emotion arises or how strong, if you are not enjoying your emotion, you can change it.

The first step is to recognize your emotion. Extra Emotion Frequency Scales are here for you to tear out and place where you can easily refer to them.

Then use the suggestions on the back to elevate your vibration frequency to higher, more pleasant emotions.

Have fun playing!


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