The following chart adapted from ABRAHAM-HICKS is a scale of emotions ranked by frequency with the highest frequency at the top and the lowest at the bottom:


7 Joy, Love, Freedom, Knowledge, Appreciation, Empowerment

6 Passion

5 Enthusiasm, Eagerness, Happiness

4 Positive Expectation, Belief

3 Optimism

2 Hopefulness

1 Contentment, Satisfaction, Replenishment

0 —Release-Trust-Let-go––boundary—

– 1 Boredom, Stagnation, Stuck

– 2 Pessimism 

– 3 Frustration, Irritation, Impatience

– 4 Overwhelmed

– 5 Disappointed, Dissatisfied

– 6 Doubt 

– 7 Worry, Anxiety

– 8 Blame

– 9 Discouragement

– 10 Anger

– 11 Revenge, Judgment, Righteousness

– 12 Hatred, Rage

– 13 Jealousy

– 14 Insecurity, Guilt, Unworthiness

– 15 Fear, Depression, Powerlessness, Grief, Despair, Helplessness



     I imagine the emotional scale as the profile of a European hotel with level zero as the ground floor at street level. The better-feeling emotions are on the upper, positive-numbered levels. They have windows that let in the sunshine that signals I am on the route to things I desire. The level seven penthouse is where I want to be!

Life's Playbook-Hotel-Emotion-scale


      Sometimes, I realize I am on a negative-numbered basement parking level. My unpleasant emotion means I have a low-frequency vibration, am off my path, and attracting unwanted things. The deeper the level, the farther off my path and the farther I must climb to get up to the daylight, the joy, and the things I desire.

     Emotions are indicators that tell where we are so we can decide what to do next. If we enjoy an emotion, we can keep the thought that generated it and attract more. If we aren’t enjoying an emotion, we can change our thoughts to generate a more pleasing emotion.



     It is normal Gameplay to find oneself on occasion in the basement, off our path. We get back on our path by replacing the thoughts that caused the emotions with thoughts that stimulate better-feeling emotions. Climbing back up to thoughts that trigger good-feeling emotions is a Game skill we can learn. Our Inner-Spirit is always coaching us to do so.